Guest seminars in MBB


The MBB Guest Seminars are presented by distinguished speakers on research in molecular biology.

Seminar programme for academic year 2015-2016

Exploring molecular landscapes inside cells with in situ cryo-electron tomography
  Ben Engel
  Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich
Wednesday October 14th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [host: Dr Matt Johnson]

Wed Oct 21 no seminar - 1st year PhD ethics session

The onset of membrane permeabilization by antimicrobial peptides: Lessons From studies on human cathelicidin and dermcidin
  Kornelius Zeth
  University of Roskilde, Denmark
Wednesday October 28th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [host: Dr Egbert Hoiczyk]

Replicated transitions from carriage to disease is associated with genome reduction in a zoonotic pathogen         
   Lucy Weinert
   Dept of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge
Wednesday November 4th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [host: Dr Roy Chaudhuri]

Nobel Prize Lecture
A crime against humanity
  Sir Richard Roberts

New England Biolabs
Monday November 9th at 6 pm in Firth Hall (admission by ticket only)

Discovery of the epitranscriptome: From RNA chemistry to translational research
  Michaela Frye
  Cambridge MRC Stem Cell Institute
Wednesday November 11th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [host: Prof Stuart Wilson]

Nobel Prize Lecture and Krebs Institute Lecture
The innate immune response: from insects to animals

  Prof Jules Hoffmann
  Strasbourg University
Wednesday November 18th at 6 pm in Firth Hall (admission by ticket only)

Biophysical mechanisms of oriented tissue growth in epithelial monolayers
  Guillaume Charras
  Dept of Cell and Developmental Biology, University College London
Wednesday November 25th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Dr Jeremy Craven]

Nobel Prize Lecture
Great ideas of biology
  Sir Paul Nurse

  Francis Crick Institute, London
Wednesday November 25th at 6 pm in Firth Hall (admission by ticket only)

Computational tools for the synthetic biology of natural products
  Rainer Breitling
  University of Manchester
Wednesday December 2nd at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof David Hornby]

Bacterial actin MreB
  Jan Löwe
  MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Wednesday December 9th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Simon Foster]

Quantum Biology
   Nigel Scrutton
  University of Manchester
Wednesday December 16th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof David Hornby]

Ubiquitin-signalling: Mechanism and Biology of RBR ubiquitin ligases
  Arno Alpi
  MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit, Dundee
Wednesday January 20th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Alastair Goldman]

Lister Fellowship Presentation
Introduction by Sir Alex Markham (University of Leeds), followed by
The functional coupling of transcription and mRNA maturation in human cells
  Steve West
  MBB, University of Sheffield
Friday Feb 5th at 12:30 pm in MBB F2

The Krebs Memorial Lecture
The pathways and molecular machines of life's energy supply: from Warburg to Mitchell and beyond

  Peter Rich
  University College London
Wednesday February 10th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Neil Hunter]

The 30th William Ferdinand Memorial Lecture
Defining transcription units across the human genome

  Nick Proudfoot FRS
  Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford
Wednesday February 17th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Alastair Goldman]

Genetic studies of Mendelian neurological diseases
  Katherine Fawcett
  MRC Functional Genomics Unit, University of Oxford
Wednesday February 24th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Dr Ian Sudbery]

The Spindle Assembly Checkpoint in oocytes: What it’s good for and what it’s not
  Simon Lane
  University of Southampton
Wednesday March 2nd at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Alastair Goldman]

The West Riding Lecture
Mechanisms and applications of bacterial predation

  Liz Sockett
  University of Nottingham
Wednesday March 9th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Robert Poole]

The Roper Lecture
Personalised medicine - is it for you?

  Ann Dalton
  Sheffield Genetic Diagnostic Service
Wednesday March 16th at 4 pm in Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 1 [Host: Prof Pete Sudbery]

Quantum Biology (postponed from last semester)
  Nigel Scrutton
  University of Manchester
Wednesday April 13th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Dave Hornby]

Post-doc seminar
From weed to wheat-improving abiotic and biotic stress resilience in crops
  Lee Hunt (Gray lab)
The development of novel herbicides using high-resolution X-ray crystallography
  Claudine Bisson (Rice lab)
Wednesday April 20th at 1pm in MBB F2

Gene silencing by Xist RNA in X chromosome inactivation
  Neil Brockdorff
  University of Oxford
Wednesday April 27th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Stuart Wilson]

What a difference a SAH makes: understanding how stable single alpha helices contribute to protein function
  Michelle Peckham
  University of Leeds
Wednesday May 4th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Prof Mike Williamson]

The origins and mechanics of eukaryotic cell division
  Buzz Baum
  University College London
Wednesday May 11th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Dr Lynda Partridge]

PhD Society Lecture
Heavy mice and lighter things: using NMR spectroscopy to understand the chemistry of tissues
   Melinda Duer
   University of Cambridge
Wednesday May 18th at 1 pm in MBB F2 [Host: Angus Robertson]

   Nicola Stanley-Wall
   University of Dundee
Wednesday June 8 at 1 pmn inb MBB F2 [Host: Dr Robert Fagan]